1976, Rotterdam  

lives in Germany  

drives trains for work  

rides bikes for fun  

takes photos  



    Sunday was a beau-ti-ful sunny and cold day, perfect for a walk in Uckermarck nature.

  • 30 JANUARY 2021 // BERLIN

    This place, Volkspark Hasenheide, is normally empty and I usually walk our dog here. However, after 10 cm's of snow, families with kids and sleds took over.

  • 26 JANUARY 2021 // BERLIN

    Being in between jobs gives me more than enough time to walk the dog and look what happened today? Sunshine!

  • 16 JANUARY 2021 // BERLIN

    Tempelhofer Feld relatively early in the morning with a lot of wind and minus 5 celcius is not the busiest place in Berlin. I do like to go there when it is this quiet though, even when my ears are freezing.

  • 09 JANUARY 2021 // BERLIN

    I vividly remember this one dogtrainer lady that told us "Yeah, this is never going to work with this rescuedog of yours". Well, the little black one and us told her wrong with a lot of patience and luvin'. :)

  • 03 JANUARY 2021 // BERLIN

    Tongue out Sunday - nearly Tuesday ;)

  • 01 JANUARY 2021 // BERLIN

    More of this and less behind a laptop at the kitchen table in 2021. #newbeginnings

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