1976, Rotterdam  

lives in Germany  

drives trains for work  

rides bikes for fun  

takes photos  


  • 25 AUGUST 2022 // OPPENAU

    I passed this sign lots of times and never actually read the word "Hubschrauberlandeplatz" (helicopterlandingzone) before. An unexpected place for a "Hubschrauberlandeplatz".

  • 25 AUGUST 2022 // OFFENBURG

    A little red gem hidden in a little street in Offenburg. A cool red Toyota in a small garage, probably hidden away from the heat and direct sunlight.

  • 17 AUGUST 2022 // OBERKIRCH

    Just a pretty sunset on my way home. The sun was already gone, but the clouds looked amazing.

  • 11 AUGUST 2022 // ACHERN

    The contrast of my colleague Manuel inside our office, waiting for our SWEG colleagues to finish shunting our train together. We brought 22 wagons (1.300 tonnes) back with us to Offenburg.

  • 10 AUGUST 2022 // AM HOLISWALD

    "The best camera is the one you have with you" or something like that. I liked the shadows and contrasts, but my iPhone didn't do as much of a good job as a regular camera. Anyway, still kinda like it. :)

  • 08 AUGUST 2022 // AM HOLISWALD

    Edi deliberating if she is going to check out the loud tree destroying machine. Answer: not in a million years. Loud = bad, tree destroying = bad.

  • 05 AUGUST 2022 // AM HOLISWALD

    My wife either intentionally or by accident taught the dog to lay down in this little stream when we say "Gehe ins Wasser" (go into the water). Quite handy now that the weather is so warm. :)

  • 03 AUGUST 2022 // LAUTERBACH

    So we went for a short two day holiday, walking the Lauterbacher Wandersteig (which is very nice, by the way) and I really only took one slightly decent photo. I blame the heat.

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