1976, Rotterdam  

lives in Germany  

drives trains for work  

rides bikes for fun  

takes photos  


  • 29 JULY 2022 // ROTTERDAM

    A seagull photobombing my photo of the flat I used to live in -the red one- quite some moons ago. Visiting Rotterdam made me realize moving away from the city (cities in general) was a good idea.

  • 26 JULY 2022 // VLISSINGEN

    During my holiday we’re staying with my dear dear friends Madelon & Sander in Vlissingen. And when in Holland, white bread with hagelslag obviously is a must.

  • 13 JULY 2022 // MANNHEIM

    The tunnel underneath the Luzenberg trainstation in Mannheim is not the most glamorous place in the world.

  • 04 JULY 2022 // AM HOLISWALD

    Just some scenery from the route I go when walking the dogs. Aside from being beautiful, it also is really quiet and I never see any other people: me like. :)

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