1976, Rotterdam  

lives in Germany  

drives trains for work  

rides bikes for fun  

takes photos  


  • 29 JUNE 2022 // MANNHEIM

    The main reason why I sleep really bad when I stay in Mannheim for training for work: a pretty loud tramstop right below the window. We don't have those where I live..

  • 25 JUNE 2022 // KALIKUTT

    Pretty colours whilst walking the dogs. Just a shame I didn’t have a proper camera with me.

  • 17 JUNE 2022 // KALIKUTT

    Apparently the local club of historic tractor enthousiasts passed by today.

  • 09 JUNE 2022 // KALIKUTT

    We are lucky enough to be able to live pretty much in the middle of nature which makes walking the dog a lot more fun.

  • 05 JUNE 2022 // OBERKIRCH

    We took the dogs for a long walk and managed to get home just in time to beat the thunder and rain. Our dog Edi loves to jump on (and into) these natural springs that you find all over the Black Forest.

  • 03 JUNE 2022 // OFFENBURG

    A very promising sky at the start of my nightshift, it even treated us to a rainbow! Luckily it all stayed calm throughout the night.

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